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Welcome to Green River, labradors retriever breeding. My name is Marco and with my partner katia give you a warm welcome on this site where you will get to know and see our sweet labradors.

In Umbria, in the centre of Italy, where the Green River was born and is among secular oaks and waterfalls of the local torrent that our labrador cattery rises between greenery and relaxation. The love for this breed is far-fetched and for this reason we work with the utmost seriousness, always updating ourselves on new tests to do or more correct and correct feed to use. Our labradors have grown in the affection of a united family and know the serenity, of course home disasters are in everyday thing, but this is the labrador, a faithful and inseparable friend who combines trouble. The sweet and good look hides a surprising intelligence is a great life partner is wonderful with children, eager to always learn new things, a tireless worker and above all a good fork. The joy and the satisfactions that they give us every day lead us to always have new stimuli and new ideas to improve myself and select always better labradors, with the hope of doing a good job but this will be you to tell us.

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gang's opal long z grodu harabiego malmesbury.



harry houdini green river lab z grodu harabiego malmesbury


from England with love Rocheby Minuet

Umbria, Perugia, San Giustino

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